Frustrations In Ferguson

If you haven’t been paying attention to the civil and political unrest in Ferguson, MO, you may not have a pulse. Frustrated with the constant racist instances of police brutalities and murder, people have refused to stop peacefully protesting after the killing of an unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Mike Brown was shot over 6 times, execution style,  by police officer Darren Wilson. The officer remains on paid leave and they refuse to issue a warrant for his arrest. Currently on day 1o of city frustrations and civil unrest in Ferguson, the incident is the spark of flame beneath a larger issue in America. Actor, writer, activist and scholar Jesse Williams sums up the frustrations of most for the lessers on MSNBC.

Racial profiling, unfair sentencing based on race, and unfortunately police brutality and murders at the hands of law enforcement without consequence. It IS about race. Black life matters. We’ve been fighting for equal treatment for over 400 years. If you’re not talking about Ferguson, concerned with the people’s constant violation of rights and aren’t outraged… you’re not paying attention. #ArrestDarrenWilson #JusticeForMikeBrown